My name is Vanessa.I live for all things travel. It’s my passion. I read, watch, think, breathe, drink, eat, move and live for travel. I spend most of my time doing just that. Or writing about it. Or taking photographs. Or planning other’s adventures. I like travel.

…Can you tell?

I’ve been to multiple countries on the planet and use those opportunities, combined with my day job skills to bring the best of my experiences to writing for and about what it’s like to be away from home and out of sorts.

Travel brings out the best – and worst – in all of us. It’s through movement that we learn about our own limitations and potential – and other’s. We move through spaces in specific ways and how we’re read is entirely dependent on cultural norms and values.

Authenticity is place specific. I dig that. And I document it.

The best way to contact me is:

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I welcome your engagement. If you’re interested in my writing, photography or travel planning & consulting services, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to exploring our world with you.